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Our Free Plan offers unlimited post uploading with Qler's branding, adhering to our Fair Use Policy. To ensure responsible usage and prevent spamming, we have implemented daily post publishing limits based on each social platform's guidelines.

While you can upload an unlimited number of posts under the Fair Use Policy, any posts that exceed the daily post publishing limit will be published on the following day.

The Hire Social Agent service allows users to hire expert social media managers, known as social agents, to manage their social media accounts on a daily basis. This comprehensive service includes content creation (such as image and video design), post publishing, and handling comments and message replies.

The frequency and volume of posts and responses managed by our social agents are determined by the user's monthly subscription plan.

Once subscribed, users can also integrate their Google Drive to upload thier own media files. These files will be utilized by the social agents for creating and posting content. This service is designed to streamline your social media management, ensuring consistent and professional engagement with your audience. Read More

Yes, there is 30 days free trial available for all paid plans:

The White-Label Feature allows you to customize the platform with your agency's logo and colors.

You can also easily integrate it into your website using a simple code snippet. This ensures brand consistency and professionalism, enhancing the user experience for your clients. It's as easy as 1,2,3.. This feature is available in Agency Plan.

The Agency Plan encompasses all paid features, including White-Label, with 20 social accounts included and the flexibility to add unlimited brands. With this plan, you can incorporate as many additional social accounts and members/clients as required as Add-on, with each addition costing $4 per month.

This plan is specially tailored for agencies managing their client's social media accounts. As a member in the system, clients can view and authorize their social media accounts directly.

By utilizing the White-Label feature, agencies can personalize the platform with their own logo, colors, and seamlessly integrate it within their own website for their clients.

We accept all major debit/credit cards and PayPal as payment methods. All payments are securely processed by Paypro Global

You can change or cancel your subscription at any time. All subscriptions are on monthly basis.

If you are on the Business or Agency plan and need more social media accounts or additional members, you can easily purchase them as add-ons. You can also remove or reduce them if they are no longer needed.

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